SKY Resilience Program: Stress Management and Mental Resilience for Military Cadets and Officers

Defense and law enforcement are considered high-stress professions – due to regular exposure to high-risk situations involving human misery, violence and potentially life-threatening situations. The prevalence of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and other mental illnesses (e.g. anxiety, depression, suicidal tendencies) are high among military soldiers and police, and because of the stigma around showing any kind of physical and psychological weakness, these mental health conditions are rarely recognized and treated, let alone prevented. This failure to effectively address the mental health and psychosocial support (MHPSS) needs of the soldiers and police compromises their ability to focus, make good judgement calls and perform optimally.


the SKY Resilience Program (SKY)

The SKY Resilience Program (SKY) is a total well-being and resilience training tailored for people in high-stress professions, who are regularly exposed to high-risk situations involving violence and potentially life-threatening situations. The SKY Resilience Program, when done as a group, improves trust, teamwork and builds a shared vision with ownership towards a common goal.


The SKY Resilience Program offers an experiential curriculum that includes interactive group processes, physical exercise, SKY® breathing exercises, relaxation techniques, positive psychology, emotional intelligence, and leadership and service learning. It is divided into 2 phases over an 8-week timeframe. Phase 1 includes an intensive workshop of 2.5-hour sessions done in four consecutive days. Phase 2 consists of 1-hour, once-a-week follow-up sessions done in 7 weeks.

Institutions that have participated in the SKY Resilience Program include:

    • Philippine Military Academy
    • Regional Support Training Unit, Philippine National Police Regional Office in the Cordillera

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